The International Cryptozoology Museum

Last week, I had the opportunity for an impromptu trip to the city of Portland, Maine. First stop: International Cryptozoology Museum

The museum is tucked in the back of The Green Hand bookstore, which in itself is a fantastic place to visit. There’s a wonderful selection of used books and interesting artifacts. This taxidermy gentleman greets you upon arrival:

I enjoyed keeping my eyes peeled, and coming across things like this bony fellow on the couch.

With renowned cryptozoologist Loren Coleman (who is truly the expert in this field) as our guide, we explored some fun and fascinating artifacts.

Museum items included specimens, bones, taxidermy, molded casts, replicas, pop culture renditions of various cryptids, video footage and movie props.

I was a fan of the Mothman display case.

The museum also covered notorious creature hoaxes and fakes, which was a wonderful addition (and in my opinion, a necessary one when presenting the subject matter).

And on our way out, we saw this plate in the parking lot…

I recommend stopping by the museum if you are ever in the Portland area. Loren has a ton of interesting things to share and has amassed quite a collection.

After the museum, I had my heart set on going to Duckfat for authentic Poutine (Belgian style fries, cheese curds, duck gravy). I was not disappointed.

2 Responses to “The International Cryptozoology Museum”

  1. …what does it taste like? (it looks good) and what’s in the container next to it (mason jar thing with the pink…lemonade?) i love new food^^

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      It tastes like…heaven. Crispy, salty, cheesy heaven. It’s a great blend of crunchy fries, salty gravy and milk cheese. Whoever came up with it is a genius.

      The jar is herbal ice tea.

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