Mark Ryden: The Gay 90’s

I’ve been remiss in posting about one of this year’s highlights: Mark Ryden’s Gay 90’s Exhibit. I don’t want to inundate you folks with countless pictures so I’ll post a few with a link to others.

The giant show stopper, Incarnation. This painting was massive and breathtaking.

In person, these paintings have a surreal vibrancy that is slightly lost on film.

The frames were custom made for each painting. The added detail is superb.

There was a second room filled with non-oil pieces (and a third filled with concept sketches). This one particularly caught my eye:

Stilts and meat costumes…what more does an art opening need?

The wall of inspirational materials was really fun to look at.

There is a terrific post over at Unusual Life (rapidly becoming a favorite site of mine) with lots more photos of the opening.

More pictures from my evening here, including shots of some of my favorite artists of all time.

6 Responses to “Mark Ryden: The Gay 90’s”

  1. Well aren’t you cute! Looks like you had a blast.

  2. Joe Torres Says:

    I sadly only got to see it through Hi-Fructose, but it looked a ball!

  3. Timid Marionette Says:

    His work is so beautiful. Incorporating Mr. Lincoln in many of his pieces is what mainly got me into him. I’ve loved Mr. Lincoln since I was a little girl, so I was naturally drawn to them. But, even if Mr. L wasn’t involved, I’d still be in awe over Mr. Ryden’s work.

    Thanks for the pictures! You look like you had such a wonderful time. I feel like a total creepy weirdo by saying this, but you’re so pretty!


  5. going to this exhibition next month – can’t wait!

  6. You went to the opening! Jealous :DDD Loved the exhibit!

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