Spiral Eye Threading Needles

And now to set this up with the proverbial “They can put a man on the moon BUT…”

WHY wasn’t this invented hundreds of years ago? And if it was, why didn’t I know about it? I love to sew by hand (and anyone else who does knows how annoying it can be to thread the needle sometimes). I have to get my hands on some Spiral Eye needles.

You can easily thread these in a few seconds flat.

Product page
Source (including theories in the comments about why this didn’t hit the market sooner)

2 Responses to “Spiral Eye Threading Needles”

  1. harlequinoflove Says:

    Oh goodness, this genuinely helps me since I love making my own dolls, plushies, etc, and I always HATE putting the thread in the eye since it can take minutes for me.

    I’m wayyyyyyy too excited for the surgical needles. Thanks for this post & link. It helped me a LOT! đŸ™‚

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