Brain Bathing Cap

Bathing caps were quite popular decades ago when women were reluctant to dunk their nicely curled and styled hair under water (lest they have to return to the beauty parlor). My grandmother used to wear them, and the look/smell of bright rubber flowers atop a head brings back memories.

Swiss Miss just featured this newfangled take on the classic design. I can’t think of any reason I’d ever need to wear one, but this would probably be my choice.

Okay, so it’s a tad clinical. But I still like it.

2 Responses to “Brain Bathing Cap”

  1. This is fabulous! Love it.

  2. Have rubber bathing caps always turned guys on? They were used by Victorian ladies and look to .be much more exciting than modern ones.
    One can image a man in the late 1800s being turned on by his girl friend leaving her Bathing Machine with her hair enclosed in very large black floppy rubber hat.

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