Alice in Wonderland Reconstruction

I was surprised that I didn’t hear about this Alice in Wonderland exhibit in all the Comic Con buzz. I’m a little late.



Those who followed the instructions were invited to the Mad Hatter’s tea party, a trip to visit Wonderland. Disney constructed an incredibly detailed prop, wardrobe, concept art and art installation in an empty warehouse close to the San Diego convention center.





This is my favorite part of the installation. It’s amazing to see a journey “down the rabbit hole” in tactile materials:





I would have liked to see these props and set design pieces in person. Granted, the Tim Burton film is inspiring a whole range of hopes, fears and feelings for potential viewers who have a connection to the story. But as an installation itself, I think this works wonderfully.

Did anyone see it?

Source 1
Source 2 (with video)

2 Responses to “Alice in Wonderland Reconstruction”

  1. Hey Ella… pretty cool stuff huh? 😛

  2. Hi Ella,
    Just thought I would let you know that my daughter is having a sweet 16 party and wanted an Alice in Wonderland “grown up ” theme. We found this picture you posted of the rabbit hole. We are going to try to do the same thing at the little hall where we are having the party. There is a little 8 foot long vestibule between two doorways. I think this will look awesome! Thanks for posting.

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