Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary

I get extremely nostalgic whenever I see anything related to Disney’s Haunted Mansion. When I went to the park as a child, I would spend half the day riding it repeatedly. It was always “just one more time, please!”


I had the entire ride memorized. I drank in every nuance with my eyes and ears. Although it’s been many years since I’ve gone on this ride, I still remember every word, sight, sound, even smell perfectly.

Here is a short 40th anniversary behind the scenes video, which doesn’t quite do justice to the attraction.

I like how they point out the pristine exterior of the mansion. This was always something I appreciated because it steered clear of the standard dilapidated junk heap of a house that most local theme parks espoused.

Has anyone seen the “Haunted Mansion Holiday” where The Nightmare Before Christmas is added?


Despite the fact that I adore the aesthetics of that movie, I’m still resistant to even the smallest Haunted Mansion changes. I’m always afraid the ride will fall prey to the modern desire to make everything bigger, better and more technological (in which case it would entirely lose its charm).


I suppose the decorations are nicely done, but sometimes I prefer to enjoy even my very favorite things separately.


5 Responses to “Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary”

  1. ahh, happy memories. but with me it was the Pirates of the Caribbean that i asked to ride over and over again^^ i did like the haunted house (after i got over being scared of it) wow, i think my favorite memory is all the ghosties doing the waltz in the ballroom (that was part of it wasn’t it?).

  2. I love the NBC Haunted Mansion 😀
    But the regular one is awesome in itself XD
    You should set up a Shewalkssoftly.com Disneyland adventure!

  3. I got a chance to ride the Nightmare Before Christmas version in Tokyo Disney. Lots of fun (especially with a Japanese Jack Skellington) but the original is still the greatest. That movie with Eddie Murphy on the other hand? Whole other story…

  4. I understand what you’re saying. I think I’m ok with the idea of them combining the two as a special install, but I don’t see the point of making Nightmare Before Christmas a mainstay. It sort of takes away from the feel of Haunted Mansion.

  5. briny deep Says:

    the nightmare before christmas update is very charming. granted, it should never become permanent, but for those two months, it is extremely well done. it’s just one more reason to love the mansion.

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