Speaker Light

You may remember the cassette tape lamps I posted. Now here is one made of speakers, by Georgiosi. Who knew discarded musical paraphernalia would aid in the creation of fantastic lighting?


This one isn’t the most practical lamp, but it’s pretty neat anyway.


Under the picture’s on the creator’s site is this little rhyme:

Twinkle twinkle little speakers
Shedding shadows from their tweeters
Lost and found
I’ll bound them round
Shining a light that makes a sound


More lighting projects here.

2 Responses to “Speaker Light”

  1. -SiLent-ChIlD- Says:

    Tha’s so cool! Where can I find one?

  2. this is really soo cool .. and go green message… yes where can we find such things?? Are they sold on EBay?

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