Blogger’s Ethical Dilemma

I need public opinion on an issue I’ve been toying with for a while. Over the years I’ve collected thousands of wonderfully entertaining images I’d love to share. The problem? I can’t cite sources, and often can’t credit an artist (though I’d be thrilled if anyone recognized the images so I could add proper credit).

I was thinking of having one post a week where I compile a few of these random images. Is this “wrong?” Would you guys be opposed to it for ethical reasons? Please click one…


5 Responses to “Blogger’s Ethical Dilemma”

  1. oldhalloween Says:

    Sadly not everyone just wants to share beautiful images. Once you have had work stolen only to find out someone else re-selling it as there own it takes the fun out of sharing.

  2. You could do a weekly post and make it a Mystery Art sort of thing, where you clearly state you a) didn’t create the image and b) are challenging your readers to help you find the original source/artist. This way you aren’t laying claim to the art, and you might even find out who posted it. I think done in that way, it isn’t so bad.

    Like you, I cringe at the idea of posting items I can’t source, and I’ve only made a small handful of exceptions over the years.

  3. the shifting man Says:

    i like the mystery art idea too!

  4. using images of unknown sources is always a slippery issue.

    i’m sure there wouldn’t be a problem if you acknowledge that the work isn’t yours, you’re not sure who the artist is, and if someone knows the artist/creator to please contact you so that you can cite the source.

    i figure that way, there may be someone out there that recognizes it and can tell you more about the work.

  5. I dont see the problem. If the creator sees it he/she will either ask for a credit in the post or will tell you to remove it. It’s not as if you’re putting it on tshirts and cashing in.

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