Elizabeth McGrath: Shadlowless Summer

On my to-do list: get to this exhibit ASAP! I’ve sung praises for the inimitable Elizabeth McGrath before…and I’ll do it again.


Ms McGrath is back, with a brand new solo show at NYC’s Sloan Fine Art Gallery.


I can’t get enough of her creations; mildly terrifying yet somehow endearing…like a tooth decaying from too much candy.


From the Sloan Fine Art site:

McGrath creates tragic yet endearing creatures from a wide range of materials – including resin, foam, wood, ceramic, cloth, paint and found objects – often layering her narratives by hiding tiny objects and dioramas within her sculptures. Each piece becomes an undeniable statement about the condition of our environment, the ruthlessness of our behavior and the shamefulness of our accountability, cloaked in the charm and beauty of a lovingly crafted – and lovable – object.


Her attention to details makes every inch of her pieces worth exploring. I can’t wait to be totally engrossed in these creations up close.

Gallery website.

2 Responses to “Elizabeth McGrath: Shadlowless Summer”

  1. Michael Claymore Says:

    Very cool. Second looks like a bunny version of a Faberge egg.

  2. Simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing such beautiful things Dana!

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