Antique Leech Jars

It’s a perfect day to share my little photo collection of antique medical leech jars. I originally set out on a google image odyssey for the word exsanguination, but it turned out to be very uninteresting.

So I give you these receptacles of a bygone era, used to house the slimy little agents of bloodletting.







I think this one is my favorite:

En Francais!

No frills…

And here’s a lovely vintage leech chart:

Personally, my body does not like being without its blood. Bad things happen.


9 Responses to “Antique Leech Jars”

  1. Oh, damn I want one!

  2. theshiftingman Says:

    haha, thats funny, when i was looking for weird pics a while ago to photoshop for logos and stuff for my old band i had saved that same leeches jar you said was your favorite 😀

  3. Michael Claymore Says:

    They look like Urns, which ironically is where a lot of the patients ended up.

  4. hehe I love the last pink one!

  5. Can you tell me anything about the fifth leech jar on this site. It is the light grey crockery-type jar with blue trim. My husband was given one just like this and we’ve never seen another one like it before. Any info that you could give me would be appreciated – like approximate value, when and where it was made, etc, Thank you very much,

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Are you selling these leech jars?

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      No, I’m not selling them. They are just images I enjoy (items are not in my possession). So sorry!

  7. […] z napisem „Leeches” (ang. pijawki), zdjęcia niektórych z nich zostały zebrane np. tutaj. Mnie najbardziej spodobało się to, znalezione na Pintereście, w formie […]

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