X-Ray Lamp

I cannot believe I never thought to do this. I’ve been around so many X-rays, and envisioned countless hypothetical lighting designs. I’m shocked that I haven’t created one of these.


These particular lamps are the work of Sture Pallarp (the website contains nothing but contact info…and a fun image to dress up in various glasses with the click of a mouse).


From Design Zen.

3 Responses to “X-Ray Lamp”

  1. HeyBudBOston Says:

    My friends have had one of these for years….. I didn’t even realize what it was until I took a really close look one day….. they have it set up like a cylinder with a light coming up from the bottom.

  2. I love this lamp. I’m working on a blog about lamps. Think I need a few x-rays now!!!……let’s see….. is it my leg or my arm that’s broken?

  3. Hello ! What a great idea ! I worked for over 20 years in a x-ray-department and made my own experiences with the rays. But I never had such an idea … It´s also a good idea for recycling all the old x-ray-pictures after 10 years archiving in cellar …

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