Virginia Medical College Bulletins

People are getting bowled over left and right with this year’s stomach flu. Let me inspire you to take good care of yourselves, with these early 20th century Virginia Medical College bulletins (many of which came out after the 1918 Spanish Flu.


And for the children…

I love the cautionary illustrations in the set.



They even offer this advice on how to keep a patient upright in bed:
(Something tells me there’s gotta be a better way)

Dr. SheWalksSoftly reminds you “not to put anything in your mouth that doesn’t belong there.”

Influenza, Typhoid and Tuberculosis…oh my!


One Response to “Virginia Medical College Bulletins”

  1. Dr. SheWalksSoftly,

    Remember that time I stuffed something in my ear that didn’t belong there? How comes there are no public service announcements about the dangers of doing that?


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