The *Original* Turducken Ornament

Deck the halls with loaves of poultry!

All the turducken buzz this year inspired me to make:

(It really loses something in the photo, sadly)

The moment anything hits the internet, profitable imitations start to surface. I may be opening a gigantic Pandora’s Box of turducken crafts (a comical idea, for sure). For once I’m staking claim. All too often, someone emails me with an etsy link saying “Didn’t you make this last year?”


If you want to order one, handmade with love and painted stuffing, contact me and ye shall receive…at least until my fingers cramp up from the sewing. ($15 US)


3 Responses to “The *Original* Turducken Ornament”

  1. This is so cool! What an original idea. Not only is it festive and a well-crafted, it could actually be someone’s christmas tree ornament heirloom one day.

    I’ll order me a dozen!!!!!!!

  2. I want to eat you up for dinner!

  3. Awesome awesome awesome! I’m definitely down for one of those! That is a deal and a half if ever I saw one. 🙂 And it’ll go great on our blasphemous Abomination Tree(tm)!

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