Mihai Criste

I can find very little information on Romanian surrealist painter Mihai Criste.


Many modern surrealists produce very complex work with multiple areas of focus in a each painting. Although I love pieces that give my eyes and mind a workout, it’s actually rather refreshing to see surrealism concentrate on a central subject.

Clean, crisp, lovely.


His blog seems to contain the best collection of images.

3 Responses to “Mihai Criste”

  1. Wouldn’t that rib cage make a deliciously odd bird cage in real life? It would be so…cool. (although my cat would eat the poor dove.)

    This is complex in it simplicity. As you stated, most surrealists are too complex, too crazed to make more than one piece; instead mish-mashing them together to form one piece that makes the head ache. Criste’s work, however, is just the right balance. It is sometimes a difficult concept, hard to see the comparisons, but beautiful.

  2. Are those Charlie’s Angels emerging from the apple?

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