Grant Wallace

History is peppered with a number of eccentric geniuses and it’s always a pleasure to peek into their worlds.

Grant Wallace (1867-1954) was an artist, journalist, screenwriter and occultist. After his death, hundreds of meticulous charts, graphs and illustrations were found in his abandoned rural California cabin.

Cross Section of the Earth and Celestial Spheres:

Wallace used his cabin as a laboratory for experimenting with telepathy. His countless drawings, charts, diagrams, and writings attempt to reveal the patterns of life (including reincarnation, communication with intelligent life on other planets, and with dead spirits).

Ruiz Radiant System:

Man as Ego- His Six Bodies:

I would love to spend a moment in this man’s mind. I’m sure I would leave thrilled, and slightly dizzy.

Now for my favorite…

TAH-NEHZ of Mars:

Many thanks to Matt P. for drawing my attention to this!

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  1. hehehe, I knew that last one would be your favorite 😀

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