Baby Laugh-A-Lot and Baby Alive

Okay, we all know that THE original bad*ss doll was Talky Tina from the Twilight Zone.

I had Baby Alive, which was only slightly less terrifying because it didn’t possess the power to kill. I remember mixing the “food,” which came in three blindingly unnatural shades of red, yellow and green gel. After spoon feeding, the substance would drip through the doll and into the diaper. Even as a toddler, the sight of neon gel dripping from my doll’s nether regions was disturbing.

Do you dare to remember?

Now, Baby Alive is back, with a modern (though no less uncomfortable) twist on her appearance:

On a related note, I came across this commercial for Baby Laugh-a-Lot, whose frozen open mouthed grin and maniacal cackle put Talking Tina and Baby Alive to shame. Even the children in the ad look shocked and miserable as they whip their head around to see where the awful racket is coming from.

Anyone have a favorite old toy which is, in retrospect, absolutely unholy?

11 Responses to “Baby Laugh-A-Lot and Baby Alive”

  1. I remember this Baby Alive commercial from my days of Saturday morning cartoons! Of course, my parents never bought us any dolls advertised on TV for the simple reason that they were overpriced. No Baby Alive. No Cabbage Patch Kids.

    But I DO remember having this one doll from a TV ad: Baby That-A-Way ( Well, Baby That-a-Way wasn’t all she was cracked up to be! The commercial showed her crawling across the floor on her own and then being walked by a little girl like a toddler – little feet moving and all. The truth is, she would just crawl in one spot and stop after a while. If you were to flip her on her back, her legs and arms would flail like a turtle on its shell. Poor thing! I also recall having to put 2 giant D batteries in her backside quite often because she’d wear out fast. There’s a better pic here:

  2. Baby ALIVE: The Doll Most Likely to Kill You in Your Sleep

  3. Anonymous Says:

    i love talky or talking tina and baby laughs a lot!

  4. that so cute right?

  5. thats soooooooooooooo ccuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………………..

  6. vaishnavi Says:

    baby alive is very nice

  7. [ppiumnjtehnhhtremhkasdgjl;’

  8. Anonymous Says:

    its fucking spooky!! it starts talking all the sudden!

  9. is the taking one still avalible please answer

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      You can probably find them on ebay or through doll collector sites, but I’m not sure!

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