Betty Boop for President

I try to keep personal politics out of SheWalksSoftly. We’ll just say that posting the 1932 cartoon Betty Boop for President has to do with my interest in vintage animation (along with the atrocious “isms” we may or may not have overcome in the past century).

She sings “I’ll give you all a great big kiss when I am president” and states her groundbreaking worldview:

“What this country is in need of
Is a lot of hi-de-ho,
Boop-a-doop and chocolate ice cream.”

If you dare preview Boop’s proposed utopian society, let this play past the three minute mark. Proceed at your own risk.

As she strikes her cutesy poses and winks repeatedly at the audience causing a public sensation, I’m certainly not reminded of any current Vice Presidential candidate. At no point does Betty mention war, hockey or the word “maverick.”

I’m a HUGE fan of Mr. Nobody, Boop’s opponent.

2 Responses to “Betty Boop for President”

  1. I bet Boop wouldn’t pronounce the word “nuclear” correctly, either.


  2. Wow. I like how any hardened convict on death row won’t get the chair, but instead, a mani/pedi & a grooming to rehabilitate him into a slightly more effeminate member of society.

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