The Skeleton Dance

In early celebration of Halloween (I could celebrate all month), I give you one of my all time favorite animations, The Skeleton Dance, made by Disney’s Silly Symphony in 1929.

Although modern CGI is a magnificent technical accomplishemt, I feel it lacks the soul found in vintage animation. CGI strives for visual depth, realism and calculated caricature; vintage animation was far more liberal in the creation of characters and use of wonderful anatomical impossibilities.

A version of The Skeleton Dance was colorized and used in the introduction of Disney’s Halloween Treat in 1982. That was my all time favorite Halloween special as a child, and nowadays it’s impossible to find, save for a very overpriced VHS tape on amazon.

Anyone remember that show? Anyone HAVE a copy?

4 Responses to “The Skeleton Dance”

  1. I remember this AND Silly Simphonies. How about this Bazil do you remeber Faulty Towers 😉


  2. You should check out the song “A Skeleton Bang” by Rasputina; it reminds me of this short a lot. (Ended up here by way of storybookland. ^_~)

  3. This really will put anyone in the Halloween spirit — unless they’re a zombie!

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