Mao Songs

Aw, isn’t this nice? The “I Am a Sunflower” collection of children’s songs. Wait a minute, are those…rifles?

Why yes! These are the children of Mao’s communist regime. You can join the children in singing the classic hits “Criticize Lin Pioa and Discredit Him Completely” and “Little Red Guards Attend a Repudiation Meeting.”

Someone REALLY needs to design an album of GW Bush era lullabies. Maybe I’ll do it. Song title suggestions anyone?

3 Responses to “Mao Songs”

  1. how bout the GWB classic “Fool Me Once…Shame On..Shame On You (Fool me…Can’t Get Fooled Again)” ;-D

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if my mother had this record in the basement somewhere.

  3. Change “Mao” to “Obama” and change “Lin Piao” to “John McCain” and you will have the updated version for today. And don’t forget the swastika! 😉

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