The Best NY Art Exhibits I Won’t Get To See

Oh New York…why must you torture me with a slew of phenomenal exhibits right as I’m about to leave town? I’ve already mentioned Wunderkammer at MoMa, and missed Dali and Film.

I wish I could find pictures from the Japan C showcase at Felissimo.

“The collection features an exciting mix of the traditional and eclectic: robots are alongside fine stationery, kawaii animé characters next to high-tech rice cookers promising the perfect bowl of rice.”

And of course…Camille Rose Garcia’s Ambien Somnambulants exhibit at Jonathan Levine.

Is it possible to actually be in love with artwork? Camille makes me believe it is. I saved the images of this exhibit so I can drool over them at my leisure. I’m not sure what psychological tick of mine keeps me so delightfully hypnotized by sweet and sinister visions.

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