Singing Pickles: A Birthday Tribute

Today is the day that Ronnie, my lifelong Soul Friend, was born.

His favorite food is pickles. I planned to post the following image as if these little fellows were singing the Happy Birthday song:

And then it happened.

I did a google search for “singing pickle” and journeyed through an unexpected exhibit of how others have employed this concept. Turns out, there is an Electronic Yodeling Pickle, and even multiple online tutorials to draw singing pickles (we’ve all wanted to know).

Then there is the “fun alternative for kids in the schools,” The Pickle Sickle. And what I like to call Olde Time Love Pickles.

Do you have seven minutes? Then follow an irritating six year old boy and a melodramatic expatriate pickle named Polski on their journey to El Gorkia where Polski hopes to be reunited with his beloved pickle parents. They fly in a “hot sauce powered wok,” battle menacing seagulls and Bratwurst bullies (one gets stripped of his casing and gets his “nakedness” censored with a black bar).

Can you stand NOT knowing how it all turns out???


One Response to “Singing Pickles: A Birthday Tribute”

  1. I’m overwhelmed. Thanks. You know I love them pickles.
    And a tutorial on how to DRAW pickles! Golly. More motivation for me to get my blog running again – why did I never think of drawing pickles doing….stuff?

    : -)

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