What Independence Day Means to Me

TWILIGHT ZONE MARATHON ON THE SCI-FI CHANNEL! By now I know most of the original episodes by heart (and some people actually like me anyway).

Years ago in an LA toy store, I came across the series of limited edition Twilight Zone figures and have been kicking myself for not buying the collection ever since (particularly the Eye of the Beholder doctors above). Now they are nearly impossible to find and are quite pricey.

The Invader figure is also very well done. Unaware that this had been manufactured, I was just telling my father how much I’d love a little Invader of my own.

I’m not as impressed with the rendition of the Nightmare at 20,000 Feet gremlin, and Kanamit appears just slightly brain dead.

Make no mistake about it though…I’d take ’em all.


3 Responses to “What Independence Day Means to Me”

  1. The Broken Forum Says:

    Heh. What a great post. Here I thought I was the only person who made a Twilight Zone Marathon post. 🙂 The toys are great! I’d love to collect some of these.

  2. I know most of the original episodes too…and I think people still like me anyway as well. Or maybe they’re not people….just aliens disguised as people! Oh my, is that a third eye you have in the middle of your forehead?

  3. notinman Says:

    Yeah, you know….people should hesitate less to buy toys. Let this be a cautionary tale!

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