Ray Caesar and Adam Wallacavage

Coming to the Jonathan Levine Gallery :

Ray Caesar

Ray Caesar is one of my all time favorites. He works with Maya software to create rich, vibrantly colored, unsettling images with incredible depth. Hybrids of pale skinned children, aliens and anachronistic devices…I could stare for hours.

And Adam Wallacavge :

His work is sure to meet all of your cephalopod-inspired lighting needs.


One Response to “Ray Caesar and Adam Wallacavage”

  1. christine Says:

    Hi Dana! This is so funny, I had been meaning to send you a link to this guy for the longest time, and I was just looking over your site and OF COURSE, you know about him already! You beat the NY Times to it by at least 5 months…. Check out
    http://www.theselby.com/ if you haven’t already… it is a site i love but had forgotten about for awhile until the times slideshow….
    You are doing awesome stuff here
    nice neatorama mention!

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