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1966 Batman Valentines

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Andertoons has a nice collection of 1966 Batman Valentines.


These are a must-see for any fan of old school Batman.


On the bottom of the post, there are links to other superhero valentines as well. See more here.

Goldfield Arts INC.

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Goldfield Arts makes beautiful eco-friendly cards, many of which have a lovely vintage design.


What a great alternative to standard Valentines.


Goldfield Arts

Vintage Valentines: Monsters and Undead

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Let’s start with a series of (miniaturized) Universal Monster Valentines:

And assorted other goodies…

And he’s not a monster, but he’s the master of suspense…gotta love this:


Unfortunately, I don’t have my whole collection of these with me at the moment. I’m *always* on a quest for more of them though. If you come across any vintage spooky Valentines, let’s share/trade!

Vintage Valentines: Ghosts, Witches and Skeletons

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Nowadays, zombies and whatever sparkly things pass for vampires are all the rage. But in the mid 20th century, some GENIUS decided to mix Valentine’s Day with the best of all holidays…Halloween.

Personally, I like spooky elements in ALL of my special occasions. I put bats on my Christmas tree and skeletons on birthday greetings (you get the idea).

I wish there were more like these.

Sweet little specters…

Witchy women…

See a few hearts, skulls and zombies from last year here.

Geek and Science Valentines

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A few favorites from Alexandria Neonakis:


Another favorite set: Nerdy Dirty:

Adorable quilling:

See Science Valentines from last year too!

Bat Valentines

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Every holiday is better with bats, Valentine’s Day included. Here’s a little roundup of some bat-related Valentine finds.

By TheGreyFoxStudio:

By ktcrawford:

The Bat Conservation Trust has a whole page of bat e-cards!

I found this little lady here:

There are customizable bat pendants available on Zazzle:

Now for some vintage cuties:

And of course, we have retro BATMAN!

Anyone have others to share?

Valentine’s Day

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Here is one of the most personal confessions I will ever make in public: I loathe Valentines Day…because I know I could love it.

I understand why people go all out on this day; conversely, I understand why they detest it.

My official standpoint on Valentines Day: Yes, it’s capitalist nonsense. The fabricated publicity, pressure and expectations are absurd. But you don’t have to be Hallmark’s bitch to honor the one you love.

Why not take this opportunity to celebrate love in your own creative fashion? You can bypass the drug store aisles filled with pink and red things. Let it be a personal ritual between you and a partner…or friend…or your family…or your pets.

But celebrate love. It’s rare. It’s important. It’s worthy of recognition.

People are gross. We have bad habits and bodily functions. We do stupid things. We start wars, kill each other, institutionalize hatred and prejudice, indulge in greed and senseless drama, get wiped out by natural disasters or illnesses. So if you have anyone who loves you despite your humanity…be grateful, and damn well celebrate in a way that resonates with you.

Even if you’re jaded, cynical and misanthropic, send someone a card that says “Thanks for not being the total bloody disappointment I thought you’d be.” Let someone know they are just a little less horrendous than everyone else.

To my loved ones: thank you for all you given, inspired, healed, comforted, supported and for all the ways you’ve made my existence worthwhile.

For some reason, people who share my viewpoint on this holiday are few and far between. But I encourage you to consider that even ideas founded upon capitalist greed are ours to reclaim…if we choose to do so.