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Fangoria’s Gingerbread Ad Campaign

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A twisted take on the proliferation of cutesy holiday ads, by the #1 horror magazine!




Cannot type/talk due to severe illness (all words courtesy of voice software or kind typing helpers)…I read and appreciate all comments…Apologies for not being able to respond.


Valentine Miscellania Part 1

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Amazing craft idea for the zombie lover in your life!

Imaginary boyfriends are the best.

This is how to get ALL the ladies!

Who knew cupid’s name was…DAN?

Unparalleled romance:

On a related note, the Newton Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Brooklyn is offering a morning tour of its sludge processing facility (I’m not kidding!)

My kinda cupid!

If I ever get married, I would shower my husband with beautiful sentiments like this:

You’ll rarely hear me say this, but…forget the chocolate…I want the box!

I forgot to put this fellow, all spiffy in his Valentine suit, in my Bat Valentine post:

Many folks who frequent this blog would probably appreciate the Tim Burton Valentine Card Set.

Boo Boo the Valentine Ghost just wants someone to love him.

And a couple of other sculpted creatures I found, without artist credit.

Crafty Christmas Roundup

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MERRY CHRISTMAS to those who celebrate it today! I probably should have done this earlier in the season when folks still had time to order cool holiday decorations and gifts, but…here’s a roundup of some of my favorite spooky crafts this year.

Some great gift tags by ThelronDogMercantile:

Classy skull snowflake ornament by OceannaInWonderland:

I’ve made skeleton gingerbread man ornaments, but this reindeer by Wickedjosixx is an ever better idea!

And here’s another bit of skeletal sweetness that I’ve often thought of making myself. Nutcrackers! By PeachyCheek:

Glowreahhh has these little cuties in a number of different colors:

Embroidered baby bib by MorningTempest:

Card variety pack by TrashBatRaven:

And a cute little card by GinerDead:

Have you ever seen the grim reaper looking so adorable and festive? Card by OnCupcakeMoon:

A cute Goreyesque design from PrinceandPauper:

And this piece from Haunted Nonsense would make a dynamite Christmas card!

Wonderful sculptures by SirCedricsGoodHeads:

Or if you prefer sculptures of the maritime persuasion, there is Lady Cthulhia by WoodedWoods

I hope you are all enjoying the holidays!

Physiological Find a Word

Posted in print media, vintage with tags , on July 23, 2011 by shewalkssoftly

I have no idea where I saved this from, when it was printed, or what the source may have been.

But give it a try…

My result: Bail Maniac Suicides. I am going into a healing profession, so this makes a perverse kind of sense, eh?

Jonathan Koshi

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Okay, okay…this has been going around the web quite a bit, but folks who don’t subscribe to hundreds of art blogs like I do might not have seen them.

Jonathan Koshi has a series of prints featuring pop culture icons in Day of the Dead fashion.

Favorite (of course):


Dead Weather Posters

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Ooh…I’m really digging these lovely dark Dead Weather posters by Silent Giants.

Product Page

Wall Blank Prints

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I was first enamored with this print from Wall Blank:

This prompted me to search their archives, and sure enough there were a few treats to be found.

World’s most complicated (yet humane) mouse trap:

The site is adding a new print each day for the month of January.

Mars Attacks Cards

Posted in ephemera, print media, retro, sci-fi, vintage with tags , , , on November 30, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

I’m a bit out of the bubblegum card loop (I think I stopped collecting after I amassed thousands of Garbage Pail Kids in the 80’s). Are there any modern cards as awesome as this Mars Attacks series from 1962?

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Tim Burton flick, featuring these lovely martians:

But I encourage you to check out the original art by comic/pulp artist extraordinaire, Norm Saunders.

(Might I suggest the photo above as an e-card announcement for newly engaged couples?)

See the whole series here.
Artist site

And thanks to Monster Brains for reminding me of these.

Ork Posters: The Brain

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Ork Posters, why must you taunt me with your designs? I’ve already posted about the company, and now…

I absolutely love the new brain map, yet still can’t get myself to throw down $18 plus shipping for a small print.

Never Give a Germ a Break

Posted in humor, print media, vintage with tags , , on November 20, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

Hearing the coughs and sneezes of others during my errands today reminded me of this vintage gem.

Stay healthy this winter, folks. Avoid people with insane projectile rocket coughs.