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The Pacific Pinball Museum

Posted in museums, retro, vintage with tags , , on June 7, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

I’d like to introduce you to the Pacific Pinball Museum.

I’m about to reveal two things that show me in a decidedly unromantic light. Aside from thinking “Wow! I’d love to see the artwork and design on these machines,” my other two initial impressions were:

1) I don’t even want to imagine the noise when this place gets crowded.
2) I would have to play at least 60 pinball games to equal the cost of admission (which includes unlimited games)

Of course, it’s a museum, so calculating game cost is irrelevant. It’s simply the way my mind works sometimes. The place actually looks pretty cool.

Check out the site here.


The Strange Museum: Llonovoy

Posted in decay, museums, toys with tags , , on February 20, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

Well this was a fun site to stumble upon. The Strange Museum Llonovoy has a lovely little collection of broken toys, often pieced together in odd ways.

Looks like some handiwork went into these creations.

I’m partial to the section of musical toys that have been stripped of their coverings (couldn’t find jpegs to post of those).

See the collection here.