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Entertaining the Invalid

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19th Century Wax Anatomical “Half and Half” Models

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How I wish I could visit the Science Museum of London to see these incredible wax anatomical figures, originally created circa 1810-1830.


Guest Author and Theme Week

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Some of you may recall me briefly alluding to my precarious health from time to time. For rather complex medical reasons, I’m allowing my trusted cohort The Headless Hearseman to take over the blog for a theme week involving one of my favorite subjects: Vintage Laboratories.

I’m sure you will love The Headless Hearseman’s posts…we’ve unearthed some spectacular images and he’s got great things to share.

Onto medical ventures…let us see what awaits…

I’ll see you all soon!

Desktop Goodies 7/28

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It looks like I was featured on Freshly Pressed, which has brought some new readers to this blog. If you’re new here…welcome! Please relax and stay a while…like this guy (by Michael Pratt):

Let me entertain you…

The cat does not appear to find this hairstyle flattering.

If swimsuits covered 99% of the body with the finest layered long sleeves and trousers…I’d be more like to wear one in public.

By comparison, this classic striped number looks positively scandalous.

Sea Lions…with human brains.

Violent beatings are always a great way to sell a product.

Few things go together like guns and Christianity…

…or kids and cigarettes.

…or booze and mornings.

Head of marketing campaign: “Don’t you see? We’re not selling a product, we’re selling a lifestyle!

Let’s look at happy things now, shall we? Like this laxative-dosed child.

I SAID…be happy!

Something tells me the gelatinous fish pie is not going to be the kiddie crowd pleaser this ad implies.

Yes. This is exactly what they do. This…and drool on things.

It’s what all the hipsters are using:

The “Health Belt” does absolute wonders…if you’re a man who happens to be sketched on paper.

What happens when there’s a fight on family portrait day in 1858.

Crazy Cat Lady dreams…

My thoughts originate from a 2″ X 2″ square of brain perpendicular to my eyeballs, in the very center of my forehead.

And if you want to know the depths of a woman’s thoughts, look no further than this handy diagram.

…Well then the whole trip is ruined:

This is a deeply profound message. See it. Feel it. Know it.


Double amazing.

May you all have a knockout day.

Desktop Goodies 4/1

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Well, Spring is upon us here in the US. Though if Spring came to my door looking like this, you can bet I wouldn’t let it in.

Here’s a motivational poster for you fine folks:

What are the chances I could still get this T-shirt if I fill out the order form?

I believe I got this from A Wren’s Life’s Pinterest. Why aren’t there more images of people wrestling Death on medical packaging these days?

I’ve never seen a raven-haired man with a stark white beard, but now I know there’s a solution of such a man wishes to coordinate his whiskers.

One thing any man of mine will not have to worry about (if he doesn’t getting me going about art or science):

Quite possibly the best tombstone epitaph I’ve ever seen:

What happens when acorns are laced with cocaine…

No idea what these are (maybe one of you will know), but I think I like them.

The only way to travel…

This gets major points for being two things: 1) zombie nesting dolls 2) A CAKE.

And speaking of food, I shouldn’t have seen these…because now I will undoubtedly surprise unsuspecting guests with them one day (I’d carry them out facing backwards so the faces are extra shocking).

Though I don’t use much glitter in my projects these days, I very much relate to this (from Para Abnormal):

I’ve been quite under the weather lately, and this piece fairly accurately describes how I feel.

My very favorite closet light:

And lastly…we knew someone would jump on the chance to do this.

Desktop Goodies 12/13

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Soon I will post some holiday goodies, but let’s see what non-celebratory things we have lurking on the desktop today…

To whet your appetite, we’ll begin with this stunning scene (about which I will refrain from commenting):

And for dessert: VITAMIN DONUTS. I believe this was once an actual product.

You can wash those donuts down with a glass of Pilk. It’s deloinkful. (This comes from the parody program “Look Around You”…which is wonderful)

And while we’re on the topic of programs (I wonder if I’ll have to deal with this in my practice someday)…

Does anyone know where this comes from? I can’t place it.

Ooh…getting ideas for future projects from this 17th century secret poison case…

Perhaps I should procure some Pink Pills for Pale People.

Kind of wish I were made of cogs, gears and wires…

Someone’s documented my party habits (except I probably wouldn’t even be drunk):

This post brought to you by Mr. Mandrake Root (wish I could remember where I got this from):

Desktop Goodies 11/23

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Aww…how precious.

Of all potential purposes for a saw, I’m surprised they took the “make a life sized fake woman” angle for this ad.

In the many idealizations of beauty I’ve seen from every era, I believe this is the only one that involves having a giant pastry head. When will the media stop setting unrealistic standards?

Victorian photo manipulations…take THAT, Photoshop!

I’ve heard the term “putting on one’s face” but…

Oh boy, do I love this…

And this…

I relate to you, 70’s Textbook Girl.

Keep up with science? Don’t mind if I do!

I quite enjoy this Capybara illustration. It’s got AT-TI-TUDE! Wish I knew which artist to credit…

Oh hi, little fella…love your curlicue nostrils.

I refuse to believe that isn’t a real ad because it is entirely valid medical treatment.

And while we’re on the subject of cats, I’ve seen this scratch pad in a few different places and it fills me with extreme joy every time. I will one day hand make this for cats in my life.

This post was brought to you by Satan’s mop.

The Dangers of Doctors and Patent Medicines

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For many personal (and artistic) reasons, I LOVE this animated short film. Absolutely brilliant!

“Blinding pain of a sinister expression!”


Gold and Diamond Embedded Contact Lenses

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Oh humans…how you entertain me with your adornments. I do recall rumors about Acuvue’s diamond contact lens a while back:

Though I never heard any follow up information. Now we have La SER Eye Jewelry. Decadent? Perhaps. But creator Dr. Chandrashekhar Chawan not only donates treatments to those in need with every pair of contacts purchased, but never denies treatment to those unable to afford eye care.

A tad extreme for everyday wear (and I was once a goth), but perfect to craft a glittering undead or lavish android look.

For the happy couple…

Read more here.


Richard Tennant Cooper

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I couldn’t find much information about Richard Tennant Cooper. But I love his metaphorical medical paintings (early 20th century).

He depicts the final moments of life, the teetering between worlds and the hazards of medical procedures with spirits, demons and menacing translucent figures.

I anyone has a link to a larger resource of his work, I’d like to see it.