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UC Studios

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This “Deady Boop” print from UC Studios caught my eye. Love this sculpture!

They have other prints as well…

See more here.

David Lozeau

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I’ve been digging some of Davif Lozeau’s skeleton art lately (pun intended?).

Perhaps I’m just a sucker for skeleton art, but I think these characters are pretty fun.

From the website: David Lozeau has a quirky, character-driven painting style that blends Day of the Dead iconography, 1950s cartoon cell animation, traditional tattoo imagery, and pure Southern California Lowbrow, revealing his unique perspective on life, death, and all the gory stuff in between.

See more here.

Pretty in Ink

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Pretty in Ink has some wonderful Day of the Dead inspired jewelry.

These original hand drawn designs are on cut plastic…

See more here.

Brian Morris

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I just wanted to share a few favorite three dimensional skull and skeleton pieces by Brian Morris.

Wonderful Day of the Dead style…

Artist site

Illustrated Ink

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Illustrated Ink adds a dash of creativity to standard Day of the Dead art. I love her take on the classic pull toy:

And a well known childhood character…

The prints have a distinct tattoo art feeling to them, while incorporating Day of the Dead subject matter.

I like the dress design on this one:

The wooden wall hangings are some of my favorite things in the store.

Illustrated Ink

Jonathan Koshi

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Okay, okay…this has been going around the web quite a bit, but folks who don’t subscribe to hundreds of art blogs like I do might not have seen them.

Jonathan Koshi has a series of prints featuring pop culture icons in Day of the Dead fashion.

Favorite (of course):