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If Only Medicine were so simple!

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These wonderful vintage trade advertisements offer more than the reality, no doubt, but are all the better for it.








Desktop Goodies 4/23

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I was taken aback upon looking at this because it feels like someone did a high-contrast caricature of me without my knowledge (if you doubt it, see photo on upper right). Got the hair and my spindly little limbs down…

Hanging: you’re doing it wrong.

Files, not piles.

Has anyone been to the Heinz Haunted House? If so, I want to hear everything about it. Ketchup blood everywhere?

Chocolate Covered Strychnine! I wonder if fierce convulsions and eventual asphyxiation due to paralysis of neural pathways would be enough to deter me from something covered in chocolate.

Ten Realms Within the Body (1885). So THIS is what goes on in there. I knew it.

Ma’am, you have a…oh…nevermind.

If he were mine, I’d name him “Fluffy.”

Ah, this piece of street art reminds me of my many evenings spent in the subversive act of reading…my Wild(e) Nights.


How rare to see a cute piece of street art (this one is by MORA):

A monster I’d like to meet…providing it agrees to stand still long enough for me to read its heads.

You too, sir? What a coincidence.

Yikes. It’s about to get violent.

I seriously hope this is a “brain fog” typo.

“Let go. Be afraid. You all taste so much better when you’re afraid.”

Some pretty sweet skills (no artist credited):


I believe this actually comes from a company that makes theatrical hats. Brilliant.

Now, I don’t mean to undermine someone’s “art,” but if this scrap of paper sold for $500, I picked the wrong field when I decided to study medicine.

Antique Medicine Chests

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Take a look at this giant post for a whole host of medical themed oil paintings and antique medicine chests (ranging from the 15th-20th century).

Some of these still contain the original specimens and potions.

See more here.

Potion Week: War Water

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Ooh…some bad karmic possibilities with War Water.

To gain protection or to launch magickal attacks/psychic warfare. Rub some on your body to overcome the bad wishes of others & to defeat any adversary. Place some in the front of the house where an enemy lives so that it must be walked over when leaving or entering the property.

Imagine the concentrated hatred of launching psychic warfare! That can’t be healthy. The protection aspect would be nice though.

Potion Week: Lucky Hand Root

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Today I bring you, Lucky Hand Root.

This legendary root is truly a remarkable botanical curiosity. It is now very scarce & hard-to-get. It has a reputation for bringing good luck & protecting its owner from all harm.

There wasn’t much about this plant online, but I did find this old ad:

Potion Week: Goofer’s Dust

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I love the name of this product: Goofer’s Dust. The dust appears to be a lovely shade of blue, too.

Use this uncommon dust to defeat your enemies. Simply throw some on their yard or property to send them into a whirl of confusion and bad luck.

Potion Week: Vintage Poison

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I already did a post on antique poison bottles, and I figured a poison label post would be a nice addition to Potion Week.

There’s a nice little gallery here. These are going to be great in art/collage projects!