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I had the pleasure of an early birthday celebration this past weekend, featuring lots of nostalgic goodies.


Friends contributed all kinds of treats, like these “30 things for turning 30” from Matt and Steph:

And homemade chocolate crucifixes by Lee:

There were TWO Space Invader cakes!



These photos of the Kiddie Comfort Food table don’t accurately reflect the majesty of the Hostess snack cake display.

The table evolved as the evening progressed…

If only I could share the fantastic music and video compilation! I’m so grateful to everyone for making this such a special night for me.

30 is going to be a wonderful year.

Holiday Horrors Week: Abomination Party

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I’ll finish off the week with some features from our own Holiday Abomination Party, held in Norristown, PA.

The tree was indeed unique, topped with the household deity of choice: The Flying Spaghetti Monster (handmade by Matt).


When you squeeze the chicken, a watery sack filled with an egg emerges from it’s nethers.

We called this “Pain Killer Penguin” since it glows a pulsating red like the human diagrams in nearly every medication commercial:

Tudurcken ornament ACTION SHOT!

I was blessed by a visit from the Ornament Fairy (a.k.a Steph) as I slept, and awoke to find myself (the none-too-happy face anyway) photoshopped into a Patrick Swayze embrace!
Of course, this is a reference to the famous MST3K Patrick Swayze Christmas Song (definitely worth seeing, if you haven’t).

We “opened up our hearts and let the Patrick Swayze Christmas in”…we wish him good health this season.

Now come along with me on our Turducken cooking journey…beginning here, with this sexy thing:
Looking like this somewhere in the middle…
See the process, start to finish, in these nicely chronicled PHOTOS.

The undisputed “star” of the party was internet sensation Chris Dane Owens. This video most certainly counts as a holiday abomination (actually, it’s an abomination for all seasons).

Printer was running out of ink, which adds to the lowbrow quality…

Metropolis and Dewanatron

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I can’t believe I had to miss this last night. Fritz Lang’s Metropolis (one of my all time favorites) with a live score performed on Dewanatron instruments.

I can only imagine the synergy of Lang’s imagery and THESE lovely music makers.