Uncomfortable Furniture Week: Misc Mashup #1

Here are a few gems found on Oddee.

This poor chair looks sickly, like it’s suffering a hideous case of lymphedema and needs physical therapy to get the swelling down…STAT!

The “Evolution and Love” chair. No, I don’t get it either.

Sometimes people take the “eco friendly” thing a bit too far. I’d venture to say there are better things to do with recyclables than stuff them in plastic and sit on them. My back hurts just looking at this bumpy plastic mess.

And here we have a stool that seems to completely defy all human reasons for inventing furniture in the first place:

Now for a rare egotistical statement: I think I have a better figure than this chair.



One Response to “Uncomfortable Furniture Week: Misc Mashup #1”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Enjoy all of your wonderful photos. I practically live outside, so there are a few thoughts you need to realize. Wood deteriorates and falls apart with time. You need to treat it yearly, which is no fun. And you have to treat every nook and cranny on each piece, because water will find a way in. Resin will discolor and have to be bleached to clean, but it is [reasonable. It can be kind of uncomfortable. The smart patio furniture is wrought iron. And if you get a decent set. It’s worth the money. I’m a long time reader and first time commenter!

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