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Mia Araujo

Posted in art, mythology, surreal with tags , , on March 29, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Los Angeles based pop surrealism painter Mia Araujo conjures beautiful scenes rich in symbolism, mythology, alchemy and dreams.


She says:
I have long been fascinated by the multi-faceted complexity that makes each person unique. I believe that all individuals contain an entire universe within them, which is invisible to the naked eye.


My work concentrates on giving shape to the unseen forces within my subjects– their thoughts, memories, emotions, and complex histories. These qualities fit together to form a vast, rich inner-landscape of identity and mythology for my characters.



Mia Araujo

Jarosław Jaśnikowski

Posted in art, steampunk, surreal with tags , , on March 7, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Jarosław Jaśnikowski has a portfolio of colorful, complex surrealist pieces.

This odd human/angler fish prison is one of my favorites.

Architecture, vehicles, human faces and forms fuse together in strange worlds that defy the laws of physics.
jaroslaw jasnikowski artwork 1

jaroslaw jasnikowski surreal art

jaroslaw jasnikowski weird art

I think many of these paintings would be a hit in the steampunk community.
Jaroslaw Jasnikowski

Jarosław Jaśnikowski

Nina Pak

Posted in art, photography, surreal with tags , , on February 28, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Many, many moons ago I drafted a post about one of my all time favorite photographers, Nina Pak, and it somehow got lost in the drafts (which happens occasionally because I consume roughly 9,000 times more art than I can post here, and some drafts have been in limbo for years). So here is an updated peek into Nina’s gorgeous, fantastical world.


When I read her artist statement, I was blown away; before me was a kindred spirit who relishes symbolism, mythology and celebrates uniqueness as much as I do.


In her own words:
I have always been drawn to symbolic imagery, from ancient orthodox Icons to Tibetian Tankas, art that tells a story of the soul’s journey is of interest to me. Painters that have worked with symbolic elements such as the Pre-Raphaelites who’s paintings often depict mythological stories, and surrealists who delve deeper into psychological meaning, are what I study.


I have a lifelong love affair with these paintings, which are not only objects of beauty but also have a message. I find that I am drawn to reflections and shadows, mirrored images, textures and delicate details, anything that has potential for a story. Small objects from nature, little antique treasures, costumes that speak for themselves, something unique and wonderful. I like different.


What an honor it would be to get photographed by an artist of this caliber. The costumes, hair, makeup and settings produce windows into strange worlds that reach beyond mere beauty into the realm of story and soul.

She has an extensive online portfolio. Though I devoured all sections, I thought the Post Edit page was a wonderful feature, as we so rarely get to see the evolution of a finished product on display. Go have a look!

Nina Pak

Leonora Carrington

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on February 22, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

I’m in the process of switching computers to a new laptop, so today we have a quick post. Enjoy the surrealist work of Leonora Carrington




Leonora Carrington

Jeremy Miranda

Posted in art, surreal with tags , on January 29, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Jeremy Miranda paints fine art, with a slight surrealist nature. One often cannot tell where water, reflection and open space begin and end.


He creates paths in the most unlikely places, like something out of a dream.

I want to go here:

I stared at this one for quite sometime, drawn to the warm glow of the Christmas tree while perplexed about the surroundings. I wish I saw this before Christmas so I could’ve posted about it or sent it out. What an intriguing image.


Jeremy Miranda


Posted in photography, surreal with tags , on January 16, 2015 by shewalkssoftly

Mothmeister’s tagline is shooting weird & wonderful creatures & critters
around the world
. One look, and you’ll be inclined to find that a fitting description.


These photos do an excellent job of making me feel like I just walked straight into a nightmare, or surrealist horror film.

They come from Wounderland (a brilliant title for a dark, mysterious world)…

Something about the taxidermy specimens paired with masked subjects is undeniably creepy, wouldn’t you say?


The beinArt Collective is Back!

Posted in announcement, art, surreal with tags , , on September 25, 2014 by shewalkssoftly

Many years ago, when I was beginning this blog, I could always find inspiration at The beinArt Collective. After a hiatus and a complete site makeover, it’s up and running again!


The beinArt Collective is an international network of highly skilled figurative artists with a shared fascination for surreal and imaginative themes. Over the years we have published books, curated group exhibitions and maintained a strong online presence under the beinArt banner. Our projects have helped generate opportunities for our artists to network, collaborate, share resources and connect with a broader audience. We delight in sharing their work and hope that by viewing the journeys of these artists, those who light upon them will be inspired.


The Collective hosts many of my all time favorite visual artists. So glad it’s back, and I look forward to its evolution through the years.


The beinArt Collective


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