Vintage Caterpillar Thimble Holder

I just transformed a room in my house into a craft studio, but it’s conspicuously missing a 1940’s Celluloid Caterpillar Thimble Holder.


This specimen was actually won on Ebay by an avid self proclaimed Thimble Psycho in 2007. I love that his/her whole blog is dedicated to thimbles. Ah, the tiny treasures one can collect.


4 Responses to “Vintage Caterpillar Thimble Holder”

  1. Hmm… as psychos go, this one isn’t too bad. And I have to say, I love the incredibly inefficient use of space in this thimble holder!

  2. Yay for dedicated studios! I hope it brings you much happiness. Well, after you find the appropriate thimble holder.

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