Luca Luce Hand Art

Luca Luce is a makeup and visual artist who creates incredible illusory hand art.


He blurs dimensions and space, sometimes with the use of little “props” to complete his designs.

…and sometimes through pure technique and perspective.


My computer is having issues saving images, so check out his site for many monsters and much creepy, hand-y goodness.
Luca Luce


5 Responses to “Luca Luce Hand Art”

  1. Ouch…. this might be a little TOO convincing! There’s a big difference between hand art and finger painting!

  2. Katharine Briller Says:

    Hello! I stumbled across these astonishing images which are created by very advanced computers called Artificial Neural Networks. When set loose to process images according to their own choices, the computers appear to hallucinate, and I found the results astounding. Hope you enjoy! Sent from my iPad


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