I Don’t Get Fashion: 1970’s His N’ Hers

I was only alive for mere months of the 70’s, so I did not have the benefit (detriment?) of seeing these fashions arise and fade organically with the changing times. It’s basically a given that anything worn in one time period will be reviled in another (then worn ironically by hipsters). But…was couples dressing really a thing?

This is, as far as I can tell, an actual catalog item, not a Roman Tarzan Baby Wrestling Champion costume.

I feel like the outfits on the left are what 70’s superheroes wore on their days off, if not too concerned with safeguarding a secret identity.

Did no one involved in this entire photoshoot notice that something is missing here? This is not how one leaves leaves the house for (presumably, by the background image) a boat ride.

“We’re soulmates. We finish each other’s sen…sible mint green mini dress sweaters.”

This is what happens when you overshoot the mark after practicing your Catalog Faces too hard.

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8 Responses to “I Don’t Get Fashion: 1970’s His N’ Hers”

  1. Just think of the millions of selfie-snapping people today who will die from utter humiliation in about 25 years.

  2. Well I can certainly think of a more appropriate place for the boating feller to put his hat! 😉 These are just… I mean they’re absolutely… nope, I have no words to fully express my awe and wonder. (Wanna Roman Tarzan Baby Wrestling Champion outfit!!!) -Nx

  3. That first guy in the Hercules sandals looks just about traumatised. So do the Catalog Face three, but in a different way

  4. bettiemuldoon Says:

    Mork and Mindy, eat your hearts out! I’ve heard of men being, pardon the expression, “p-whipped,” but this really makes it super obvious. Polyester knit. Oh boy, I’m just getting really bad thrift shop skeeves looking at these.

  5. Wow. Found these quite by accident. They remind me of designs from the early 70’s sold by a boutique in London called Mr. Freedom, owned by Tommy Roberts (designer Jim O’Connor & others). Not sure if these ARE actually Mr. Freedom clothes, but very like. Nice post – great find!

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