Andrew Ferez

Andrew Ferez is responsible for two pieces I’ve loved for quite a while without knowing the artist. Aren’t these first two really spectacular?



His work reminds me a bit of Jacek Yerka with its fine details and blending of architecture, human invention and nature.

Many of his creations seem to contain a prominent fire element; a bit of burning chaos and/or illumination.

I’d like a a bumper sticker of this painting that says MY OTHER CAR IS A TALONED FISH SAXOPHONE WITH WHEELS.

Andrew Ferez


6 Responses to “Andrew Ferez”

  1. Reblogged this on Katie O Art – Handmade Gifts, Decorations and Artwork and commented:
    Amazing and inspiring work by Andrew Ferez. Thanks to SheWalksSoftly for sharing 🙂

  2. Absolutely astonishing work, including his other works on his website. Color tones are exceptional. Now this is an artist I admit defines digital artistry and is a muse to bank my imaginative cache. Yes, the first two are indeed really spectacular. I love all the imagery: a gothic-cathedral-vintage-typewriter, and I seriously want a gothic-castle-tree-candelabra piano, for real, just like that. And then my favorite is the secret library clock. Stately library dens, books and grandfather clocks I have a penchant for that roots to my soul. So cool to have a secret door like that; perhaps one day I can do that for real. I love that bumper sticker idea, Dana. And then on a another sticker say, BACKUP TRANSPORTATION WHEN MY TARDIS IS IN THE SHOP.

  3. These are fascinating; so atmospheric. I think the second one’s my favourite – but wait… that library clock really tugs at my bibliophile heart. Ack, impossible to choose between them!

    Oh, and I missed Yerka’s work the first time round, so thanks for the link. Yet more exquisite creations to drool over… 🙂 -Nx

    PS, I soooo want that bumper sticker!

  4. Nice catch. Intriguing work there.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    This Reminds me of Beksinski

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