Nunzio Paci

I am always drawn to art that fuses man and nature, perhaps because my worldview is so aligned with the interconnectedness of all things.

Nunzio Paci creates images that are rather like Gray’s Anatomy left outside to sprout.


Look closely. Fibers of muscle blend into branches…creatures dwell within bodies as if they are taking sanctuary there…


Nunzio Paci


5 Responses to “Nunzio Paci”

  1. Shelly Still Says:

    Excellent work!

  2. ‘…like Gray’s Anatomy left outside to sprout.’

    Perfect description! These give me wonderful goosebumps! – Nx

  3. I really love these and his style. The top image I definitely see hanging on my wall, big and bold, since I myself have a deep spiritual connection to nature.
    As you know I’ve been living in the countryside for quite some time now, but yet I’m also very much a city boy. An extra apartment in Manhattan would also be so nice.
    Though when I board the train and spend a stretch in NYC, my soul eventually longs for the sanctuary of nature again, and so back up I go, my nerves calming as the miles drain behind. To be everyday to see nature in glorious abundance outside my window while I sip my coffee is a blessing I never take for granted. To walk deeply within a forest’s embrace, hear and sense the dry leaves crunch under my feet, touch the rough, textured bark, fondle a leaf, and respite on a mossy rock. Listen to the soothing water of the nearby babbling brook while songbirds serenade and curious crows caw overhead admiring me on surrounding branches. To be gently stroked by caressing breezes that carry not the putrid stench of exhaust, but the magical, delicate scent of evergreen, maple, birch, oak, moss, grass, and crisp fresh air.

  4. I love your description, “like Grey’s anatomy left outside to sprout”.

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