Through the Lens: Snow in NYC

I’m out West, but my hometown is full of snow right now. Winter weather can be quite bothersome in the practical sense…but it is undoubtedly breathtaking.

No one shows the beautiful essence of winter like the gifted Vivienne Gucwa.


Her eye for capturing the perfect moment in time brings out the luscious, ethereal nature of the bustling urban landscape. She has the vision of an artist and the soul of a poet (often there are lovely musings written with her work).

New York City - Winter - Snow Falls on 5th Avenue

Dazzling icy eye-food…

New York City Winter - Snow - Night in Madison Square Park


More Snow Here


5 Responses to “Through the Lens: Snow in NYC”

  1. A brilliant and gifted photographer, some of the best photos I have ever seen!!!

  2. These are really lovely.

  3. Very romantic photos. I love NYC but she shouldn’t forget UNY, so much dazzling icy eye-food there too. Right now though all of NYS is an arctic punch in the face.

  4. Ooh, only just seen these pics (late as usual); they’re utterly beautiful.

    Snow’s so visually compelling isn’t it – yet so potentially disruptive? A friend of mine who lives in DUMBO keeps me updated on the weather in NYC, and I can’t believe how much more intense it is just ‘across the pond’, than here in the UK – even though we’re on almost the same latitude.

    Fond thoughts to anyone suffering in these inclement times. -Nx

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