Sean Ayerst

I’m really digging these glass bird skulls by Sean Ayerst. I love his color choices in this first one.


These would make perfect little paperweights (on my desk, anyway!)

A google image search did not reveal many glass bird skulls on the market out there. I wonder if Sean is selling these beauties.


3 Responses to “Sean Ayerst”

  1. Oh, oh – these are gorgeous! I’m in awe of the skill needed to create something so delicate and detailed from molten glass.

    Real Life’s kept me away from interwebby stuff for a while. What a treat this is to find on my return! -Nx

  2. I dig this as well. Like the brown speckles and love that dark chocolate beak. I’m gonna keep an eagle eye out for glass bird skulls now. I get the impression Sean can work out aquatic life easily , like squid or octopus, if he wanted too. But isn’t that the mental key to expanding on any great effort in life: “If the desire is there.”

  3. Stunning! As is your entire blog. I came across it through an image search for wunderkammer, & that describes it perfectly!

    I’m so happy to have discovered this rich vein of weirdness & beauty.

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