Edward Keinholz

Today I bring you the evocative assemblages of Edward Keinholz, most of which contain a dash of sharp satire and/or criticisms of modern life (works range from the 1960’s-1980’s).


Although he obtained no formal training, Keinholz grew up on a farm where he learned carpentry, drafting and mechanical skills.


His roster of formal jobs is as eclectic as his artistic endeavors: orderly in a psychiatric hospital, manager of a dance band, used car salesman, caterer, decorator and vacuum cleaner salesman.



Edward Keinholz


One Response to “Edward Keinholz”

  1. Well… have to confess I’m not always a fan of installation pieces (regarding BritArt for instance: Damien Hirst leaves me cold, yet I’ve grown very fond of Tracey Emin’s work over the years) but there’s just so much going on in Keinholz’s conceptualisations that I had to look, and look again. Then I stumbled across his, ‘An Illegal Operation’ which actually made me cry.

    Yet another great find Dana. Thank you! -Nx

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