Alpha Stamps

I’m not sure whether to thank Art of Darkness for introducing me to Alpha Stamps. I didn’t really need more craft supplies to lust after, but now I’m hooked.

The rubber stamp selection is amazing (and very reasonably priced).

Strange creatures, art, ephemera, alchemy, typography, filigree, gears and poison…things that make my heart sing…

Did I mention the incredible collection of collage sheets?

Nevermind that in my rabid seeking I’ve collected most of the images on this site in my archives over the years. There’s just something fantastic about seeing them out there for use!

Lovers and makers of vintage themed art…prepare to waste some time here.


3 Responses to “Alpha Stamps”

  1. *sigh* i love that place…

  2. Moonberry Says:

    Years ago I almost bought the “Writer’s Guide to Poisons”, but the store wanted ID and proof of address for the local police station’s records. That freaked me out a bit, so I didn’t buy it after all. Who knows, I may have had to keep it under lock and key for protection. Love the poison labels and the skeletons, maybe I’ll get some for this year’s Halloween party!

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