Halloween Countdown: Hollywood Wax Museum Horrors

Last week I visited the Hollywood Wax museum for the first time since I was about eight years old.

I’m going to be honest: wax figures look MUCH better in the photos we see circulating when they debut in museums. In person, many of them are blotchy inhabitants of the uncanny valley. I felt a kind of mild disgust (when I wasn’t chuckling).

Of course, in the Chamber of Horrors, EVERYTHING is designed to look odd…so it works. Here are a few selections.

The Exorcist

House of Wax



I would have loved to see Vincent Price among some of the classic horror actors.

The Cryptkeeper, a childhood favorite.


And my favorite photo in the bunch:

3 Responses to “Halloween Countdown: Hollywood Wax Museum Horrors”

  1. Like you, I am not fond of wax museums.

    BUT OH MY GOSH! I would LOVE this!

  2. Hey, is this by chance the Hollywood Wax in Gatlinburg, TN? I went there this past summer, and I quite loved the guy from Legend as well! (:

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