Oddities Shopping, NYC

I’ve had this collection of pictures on my desktop for what feels like eternity. They are from my last shopping excursion in NYC. I think they give a fairly good idea of what my little eyes like to drink up along my travels. Here are a few of my favorite oddities hot spots.

Giant Robot is PACKED with adorable kitsch and random imported goodness. They also have art displays in the front of the store.

Atomic Passions looks like grandma’s attic…if you happen to have the most awesome grandmother in the history of the world.

Ah, Obscura…a favorite indeed. These antique acquisitions are nothing short of impressive. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, the place is overflowing with amazing things to look at. My imagination gets lost in the stories contained in these pieces.

I never tire of looking around Evolution, which I’ve posted about before. On this particular day, the upstairs section was closed, so I missed checking out the incredible taxidermy specimens (which, for my own sanity I MUST believe died of natural causes…don’t ruin it for me).

Clearly, I like densely packed displays of meaningful objects! So beware, if I ever ask you to go “shopping,” I won’t be referring to 5th Avenue boutiques…there will be antiquated medical instruments and rotting dolls involved. Usually, anyway. I also like bookstores. šŸ™‚

6 Responses to “Oddities Shopping, NYC”

  1. Timid Marionette Says:

    I am in LOVE with Atomic Passion’s stuff. Just the entire lightening, environment and what it provides, that is definitely my type of place.

    I reside in Old Towne Orange, and at the Orange Circle there are countless antique shops, and quite a few antique malls, too. Whenever I go, I spend hours upon hours, and if I have money, I end up broke afterward. I just LOVE antique shops with hysterical items, esp. clown/circus related things. Let alone anything old I love.

    If I ever go to NY someday, I definitely am checking these out! Thank you!

    • shewalkssoftly Says:

      Ms. Timid Marionette, if you ever come to NY you MUST tell me because I’m sure I have plenty of suggestions for you since we have similar taste!

  2. damn that’s so awesome; you must have had such a good time!

  3. I found Evolution last time I was in NYC. Sooooo cool. I bought my wife a “killer bee” specimen b/c she’s terrified (but interested in) bees.

  4. Ah ah, funny that we both blogged about Evolution! The shop is a blast, I loved its vibe! I also went to Obscura, but missed on the others, I’ll have to ask you for some tips if I ever get to go no NY again!

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