Cyberoptix Tie Lab

I am absolutely floored by Cyberoptix Tie Lab. Whether you want something bold or understated, this is THE place for unique, creative ties.


Nature, gears, architecture, medical devices, anatomy, weaponry, machinery…it’s all here.

I’ve never wanted to wear a tie so badly in my life. Most are standard length/width which would look outlandishly huge on a short, skinny girl. But they have some designs I could get away with. The Ink Blot Skinny Tie (below) might work. Especially fitting for a student of Behavioral Medicine.

I spent a long time drooling over their extensive Fickr set.


2 Responses to “Cyberoptix Tie Lab”

  1. Your blog always finds new ways to replace the whale in my nightmares, dear. : -)

  2. I’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve before, but wearing your heart on your tie seems to me a more appropriate place.

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