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Manchester Morgue Music Compilation

Posted in humor, music with tags , on January 31, 2010 by shewalkssoftly

I give much credit to The Manchester Morgue for catering to some of my more obscure horror, soundtrack (and comedy) needs. He’s really outdone himself now. This may be the greatest mix CD title I’ve ever seen:


I think I’d listen to a CD recording of raccoons fighting, providing it has a genius title and cover like this.

See the tracks and get the mix here.


Woody the Woodchuck Christmas Sing Song

Posted in absurd, christmas, humor, music, thrift horror, vintage with tags , , , , , on December 13, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

I apologize for bringing this album into your life. It’s an item best left for collectors of seriously horrendous oddities.

Something about Woody the Woodchuck is a little bit…off. This album was not produced correctly, giving the whole thing a slightly warped, off key tone. The “speaking” parts sound like they were cobbled together by a manic robot, the singing is often incomprehensible, things move a little too slowly, and you pretty much finish the album relieved that it’s over.

If you finish. Which is unlikely.


Ship Ahoy!

Posted in absurd, humor, music, puppets with tags , , , on May 23, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

This post is not for the weak. I confess that I had trouble getting through the whole thing, but it’s something you might want to experience just once.


Yes Folks, it’s Captain Hook and his band of Christian pirates, storming the high seas to spread the word of Jesus. It’s entertaining, if not mildly terrifying, to see “the captain” use this theme to manipulate young minds and bastardize your favorite fairy tales.

Little Red Riding Hood becomes an allegory of Satan, with classic Big Bad Wolf lines such as “Hey Little Red Riding Hood…let’s you and me go take some dope!” Don’t believe me? Go ahead and download for yourself, but do so at your own risk…


(This post makes me think I need to have a “worst thing ever” tag)

Courtesy of Schadenfreudian Therapy.

Chocolate Phonograph

Posted in antiques, food, music, vintage with tags , , , on May 18, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

I can’t decide whether the Chocolate Phonograph (a rare artifact made by the German chocolate company Stollwerk in 1903) was genius, or a mad bastardization of my favorite things.

This little treasure, with a mere 3 inch turntable, was designed to play chocolate records. The craftsmanship is rather beautiful:


Though touted as a solid device that could rival other quality phonographs

In reality they were extremely delicate little machines with noisy, underpowered motors and mediocre sound quality. They were far too fragile to withstand rough handling by children, who were (not surprisingly) the main market for chocolate records. Most phonographs were likely broken beyond repair in a matter of days. The big advantage was the records themselves. As explained in La Nature, “when a song no longer pleases, oh well! just savor the disc like you would a simple snack, and eat it.”

I think I would have eaten all my music before I even got to play it. I prefer my music inedible, to avoid temptation.


The Hypothalamus Song

Posted in anatomy, humor, music, music video, science with tags , , , , on May 13, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

Metal and the Hypothalamus gland…two of my favorite things! I’m overjoyed that someone made this (and grateful for the subtitles!):

The Hypothalamus is so underappreciated. I’m glad someone paid tribute.

Found here.

Retro Computer Bohemian Rhapsody

Posted in geek, music, music video, retro, technology with tags , , , , on April 23, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

Wow…this clip stirs technological and musical nostalgia in a way that makes my little heart flutter. There’s a real sweetness to these outmoded babies chugging along in harmony. I want so much to believe that my gigantic pile of obsolete electronics do this after I’m asleep at night.

There are no effects or sampling. Simply:

*Atari 800XL as the lead piano/organ sound
*Texas Instruments TI-99/4a as lead guitar
*8 Inch Floppy Disk as Bass
*3.5 inch Harddrive as the gong
*HP ScanJet 3C for all vocals.

Found here.

The Making of Closer

Posted in film, meat, music, music video with tags , , , on April 15, 2009 by shewalkssoftly

It was 1994. I stayed up past my bedtime, delicately dozing off in front of the TV in hopes of catching the Closer Video. Nine Inch Nails entranced me in a visual universe that became a catalyst for many of my developing interests.


I had a sixth sense for this video. The barely audible sound of that hissing heartbeat could jar me out of the deepest sleep. I had to watch.


My heart goes out to my mother. She got wind of the lyrics and felt her tiny tween was headed for a life of violence, promiscuity and general depravity…none of which I ever even dabbled in. My sober, stable mind was such a wonderland in itself; imagination was all I needed. For all I cared, the lyrics could have been about lollipops and jellybeans.


I came across this great behind the scenes documentary about the video, which may not be for everyone but is a must see for those who love the aesthetics of the Closer video. You’ll see what went into creating images like this:


…and hear director Mark Romanek discuss everything from Mary Poppins to rotting meat.


I just realized that half the tags I use in this blog can apply to this post. Ever feel like something was made for you…even before YOU were aware of it?