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Image Odyssey: Jellyfish Ornaments

December 17, 2015

I’ve never done a theme tree because I tend to decorate with the handmade ornaments I’ve made every year since nursery school, but a “sea” tree could probably look spectacular. There are a ton of excellent jellyfish ornaments out there (something about the delicate tentacles really lends itself to gorgeous craftsmanship). They range from incredibly […]


Jellyfish Air Plants

January 28, 2015

PetitBeast invented a brilliant houseplant display using sea urchin shells to mimic the body of a jellyfish and growing plants as tentacles. These little sweeties hang in the air and give the illusion of floating/swimming through space. Each one is entirely unique as, with minimal care, it grows in its own fashion, delicately swirling and […]

Jellyfish Aquarium

November 9, 2014

High on my list of Useless Things I Still Want Even Though They’re Useless is a Jellyfish Aquarium. Here is the version from The Sharper Image: Create a calm, tranquil environment in your home or office with our unique Jellyfish Aquarium. This maintenance-free environment features two lifelike artificial jellyfish, illuminated by 18 LEDs that change […]

The Dreaded Killer Jellyfish of Graphic Design Favors

March 28, 2010

This one is for Steph. 🙂

Rainbow Glow Jellyfish

April 30, 2009

Leave it to National Geographic to bring forth this colorful specimen. It is not bioluminescent like some of my other favorite sea creatures, but the colors appear when light reflects off the cilia that propel it through the water. This little jelly cannot be caught, for it shatters the instant it touches a net. In […]

Magic Pony Jellyfish Installation

February 20, 2009

Oooh…I wish I could have seen this incredible jellyfish installation. These pieces are hand sculpted from porcelain. See more photos here.


June 1, 2016

How in the world have I not posted about Ciou before? (Actually, I haven’t posted about many of my all time favorite artists because I always have a flood of new material pouring in). Her style is so unique, when you see a Ciou piece…you KNOW it’s Ciou. Black lines, dense color and big eyes […]

Transparent Sea Creature Collection

May 8, 2013

Oh ocean…you deep, exotic world of mystery…will you ever cease to amaze? I wish there was more info listed about these findings. They seem clearly related to other known creatures, but who can ever get enough sea life variety? This one looks like my intestines dressed up for a party (no really…I’ve seen my intestines […]


April 19, 2012

A kind reader sent me a link to CMooreGlass; a wonderful collection of hand made made glass pendants inspired by sea creatures. Amazing jellyfish pendant (now on my wish list!): Sea anemone: Each one is unique, and quite beautiful. See more here.

Venus Flytrap Sea Anemone

August 17, 2010

Neatorama has made me aware of a wonderful sea creature; another addition to the long list that fascinate me. Venus Flytrap Sea Anemone! This amazing creature (a type of polyp related to coral and jellyfish) closes around its prey with those spiky jaws… How did I not know about this thing until now?