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Ryan Matthew: Sliced Skulls

June 17, 2011

I hate to bid goodbye to the Ryan Matthew theme week because it’s been a blast, but I suppose all good things must come to and end. Behold this recent creation: a human skull sliced into six sections, mounted on handmade metal fixtures. The adjustable sections fan out from a central point, and the corresponding […]

Ryan Matthew: Against Nature Atelier

June 16, 2011

Something fans of Oddities may not know is that Ryan Matthew is also one of the owners of Against Nature, a lower east side atelier that specializes in bespoke suits. From the website: Inspiration is culled from a wide range of sources, yielding a distinctly contemporary collection that nonetheless recalls the fine craftsmanship, attention to […]

Ryan Matthew: Oddities

June 15, 2011

No coverage of Ryan Matthew would be complete without mention of The Science Channel’s Oddities, the reality/documentary series based on Obscura Antiques (previously covered here). Oddities chronicles some of the acquisitions, sales, custom projects, product hunts and colorful characters that comprise a day in the life of the Obscura team (Mike Zohn, Evan Michelson, Ryan […]

Ryan Matthew: Exploded Skulls

June 14, 2011

Years ago I came across a mesmerizing photo of a disarticulated human skull, cleaned and mounted on display with jointed movable parts. A little something like this: All I could find was that French anatomist Claude Beauchene, inspired by the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, developed this presentation method in the mid 1800’s. There was […]

Theme Week: Ryan Matthew

June 13, 2011

It took a rare specimen (pun absolutely intended) to make me consider dedicating a theme week to an individual rather than a concept. I found such inspiration in self-taught artisan, jeweler, collector, TV personality and master of osteological works Ryan Matthew, who was kind enough to give me a tour of his personal collections. His […]

Museum Oddities

November 14, 2015

I first posted about “exploded” articulated human skulls years ago during Ryan Matthew theme week, but here is another fine example from Brian Kubasco (aka Museum Oddities). Kubasco is a sculptor specializing in masks, props, reproductions, prosthetics, character design, creatures, monsters and figurines. His website is a combination of personal creations and intriguing artifacts. For […]