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It’s a Small World: Nikon Micro Photography

Posted in photography, science with tags , on November 30, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

Each year, Nikon has a contest for the finest images in photomicrography. I was most drawn to forms of life in their first recognizable stages. The embryos and larvae are amazing.





Browse the galleries and catch a glimpse of the beauty within the seemingly invisible spaces of our world.

Overkill (Literally)

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I can enjoy the absurdity of the Turducken.

But this is America, and someone always has to push the limits of decadence and dominance. Hence, the Turgooduccochiqua; a heinous amalgam of quail, cornish game hen, duck, chicken, turkey and goose…with bacon between the layers, because it simply wasn’t enough to humiliate multiple fowl without bringing pork into the mix.

Yes, man owns the food chain. This is like some kind of mid-life crisis meal.


In my opinion, anyone attempting to recreate the Turgooduccochiqua (or, heaven forbid, outdo it with even more meat) should listen to the wise words of “The Gambler:” You got to know when to hold ’em…know when to fold ’em.

This lyrical principle certainly applies to stuffing animals inside each other.


CNN called it a possible hoax, but I have little doubt that someone would attempt this creation, given the current popularity of food abominations.


The Brain Cube

Posted in anatomy, craft with tags , on November 29, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

I’m intrigued, impressed…a little bit in love…with this incredible MRI-style brain image puzzle.


Like an actual scan, the puzzle contains “slices” and cross sections, creating a three dimensional rendering of the human brain.




I want to dig in…


Truck Art of Pakistan

Posted in art, design with tags , on November 29, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

Creative painting on buses in Pakistan began as a method to attract passengers for competing transportation companies in the 1920’s. Decoration is now used on most privately or commercially owned vehicles: trucks, buses, taxis, animal carts, vendors, etc.



These trucks are moving canvasses of history that tell stories, depict beliefs, represent value systems and showcase elaborate design. The technique, materials, style, colors and symbolism vary across regions and are culturally significant.



The Pakistani per capita income is around $2,000, and some bus owners spend $3,000-$5,000 on truck decoration. These vehicles are a source a pride and personal expression.

More images and information here and here.

Drape Tables

Posted in furniture, home with tags , on November 28, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

I love the ethereal, almost ghostly feeling of Jane Punnopatham’s hand-molded acrylic Drape Tables. Such beautiful, disembodied table cloths…



Sadly, at $1250 each, the price is prohibitive for me…but I can admire them from afar.



Posted in art with tags on November 28, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

I cannot believe that deviant artist DeaDNeSS just turned 19. He certainly has a bright future in illustration.


His pieces are incredibly detailed works of cyberpunk, fantasy and an array of macabre themes.


The color schemes are wonderful (and sometimes burn the eyes just a little), but he also has great black and white creations.


Have a look at the gallery (the full sizes are well worth it).

Turkey Cake Wrecks

Posted in absurd, food, humor with tags , , on November 27, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

I’m not sure how many people will stop by SheWalksSoftly today due to the holiday, but I’d like to give you some festive selections from Cake Wrecks to celebrate.






And now for the shameless recycling of Valentine’s Day containers…

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This post is dedicated to David E. in honor of his birthday. May you not have to endure a cake like any of the above!

Lyndie Dourthe

Posted in anatomy, art, craft, sculpture with tags , , , on November 26, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

Since I tend to make multimedia projects instead of two dimensional art, I find Lyndie Dourthe’s work positively inspiring (particularly the Anatomie series pictured below).


My head is spinning with ideas…

Multimedia loveliness

Hot With a Chance of Late Storm

Posted in sculpture with tags on November 26, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

I’m going to ignore the seasonal cold for a moment, and muse about how wonderful it would be to walk past this sculpture on the beach…


“Hot With a Chance of Late Storm” is a creation of the Glue Society.

Ruven Afandor

Posted in photography with tags on November 25, 2008 by shewalkssoftly

Although I usually only glance at them in waiting rooms, I rate fashion magazines higher than their appalling “women’s interest” competitors due to the artistry and innovation of the photography.

When I come across a brilliant fashion photographer like Ruven Afandor, I always think that I should pay more attention to the genre.

The set from which these photos are taken particularly appeals to me.

The bleak color palette, anatomical props and hints of vintage science…


Could it be…a wunderkammer?

Antiquated themes depicted with the clarity of modern technology entice me greatly. Of course, his photos that don’t pertain to my personal preferences are also extremely well done.

Have a look.