The SheWalksSoftly Mystery Prize Contest

I’ve had a fantastic time writing this blog so far. I’m trying to determine whether I can continue posting while in grad school.

My conclusion: if I gather enough readers who want the site to stay afloat, I’ll keep it up.

I’ve yet to attempt any real self-promotion. Sure, there are many strategies to optimize search engine rankings, ratings, stats, etc. (which I admit I haven’t explored because I didn’t want this to feel like a “business”). I’m wondering if decent growth is at all possible through a good ol’ fashioned sense of community.


I want to try an experiment in the form of a contest. I’ll put together a special gift package for the person who makes the biggest effort to share this blog. Even if you don’t aim to win the prize, I’d greatly appreciate any small support such as:

1) An email forwarding the link
2) Bulletins/links on social networking sites
3) A referral or link from your own blog/website
4) Use of social bookmarking
5) Any/all of the above, or anything I haven’t thought of…be creative

It’s the effort that counts. Just make sure to tell me what you did!

Deadline: Sunday, November 23rd.

I’m perfectly willing to hand out multiple prizes if warranted, and promote your projects in return. Although there’s a deadline for the actual prize, I’ll always do what I can to help those who help me.

I wonder what will come of this…

8 Responses to “The SheWalksSoftly Mystery Prize Contest”

  1. I run a handful of various websites and blogs and believe I’ve placed links/banners for ‘Shewalkssoftly’ up at all of them. I don’t expect a prize, but this is one of the most interesting and unique blogs I visit -it has a lot of potential for outgrowth- so hope you’ll keep at it!

    Please check out my newest site, I’m sure I will re-post some items from SWS there from time to time…

    Best wishes…

  2. hehe, yer so cute, you know i’m in!

  3. I’m in and will get the word out with clients and in e-mails.
    I love and miss you… putting out fires for months!
    Will call soon

  4. Maryann Mathiasen Says:

    Thank you for sending this to me. If I actually knew what a blog was I would tell meeeeeelions and meeeeelions of people about yours because you are my little Dana.
    Do I get a prize? I want a Pony.

  5. What about all the people I told before the contest? Do they count? I don’t want a prize or anything… unless it’s chocolate. Or donuts. Or chocolate donuts. THEN I want the prize. But really, I just think that sharing this awesome blog with my friends is really prize enough. I mean… I’m giving the gift that keeps on giving!

  6. I would love to help promote this site! Not enough people know about all the interesting stuff you put on here. I plan on going and doing a post right now for it, and putting the link to here.

    Please keep this open!

  7. hi,

    i absolutely love reading your blog and i hope you choose to keep it going!

    i have posted a link to shewalkssoftly in my blog, although i don’t expect a prize since it’s mostly a personal journal-thing.

    i’m just happy to get the word out on your wonderful site!

  8. As I site possessor I believe the content material here
    is rattling excellent , appreciate it for your efforts.
    You should keep it up forever! Best of luck.

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