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Strange Remains Week: Records and Reefs

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Music lovers, did you know you can have your ashes pressed into a vinyl record? And Vinyly gives customers the opportunity to live on through the power of song.



Is there a song you’d like on the soundtrack to your death?

If you enjoy marine life, you can become part of a living coral system via The Eternal Reef. Ashes are memorialized as part of “reef balls” that serve to assist dying reefs in restoring new life.


What’s a reef ball? Glad you asked.

Reef Balls are the only designed reef materials that from the beginning were designed to replicate the natural substrata that Mother Nature uses for her reef development. The material needed to be friendly to the marine environment. It would have to be made of natural materials that would attract and encourage micro-organisms to settle and propagate on the reefs.

Read more about the process here.

Kim Kovalev

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I couldn’t find much about Kim Kovalev. But the small deviantART portfolio contains two pieces I adore:

Art Octopus

Spirit of the Forest

If anyone knows of more work by this artist, please share!

Omar Rayyan

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This adorable little girl, embracing her monster (with a matching flower on its horn!) was the first piece from Omar Rayyan I laid eyes on a long time ago.


I was re-drawn into his work by this cephalopod inspired masterpiece:

He seamlessly integrates old world painting style with fantastically quirky imaginary beasts.

Now THIS is how to travel!

Tickle, tickle, fuzzy Mer-monster!

Omar Rayyan

Bailey Henderson

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Toronto based illustrator and sculptor Bailey Henderson works in a variety of mediums; oil paint, bronze, resin casting.

I’m partial to her Monstrorum Marines series, which recreates the images of mythological sea beasties depicted on Medieval maps.

Her detail is as fine as the pen and brush strokes on those antiquated documents. Gorgeous.

Her bronze castings are nice done as well.


Bailey Henderson


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I was just admiring this awesome sculpted aquatic monster bust from GritsFx. Gaze into its unfeeling reptilian eyes…


Check out those gills and the texture of its skin:

And its shiny fish lips.

Excellent work on this fellow.


Desktop Goodies: 2/4

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You’re being welcomed into this post by anthropomorphic hotdog with breasts.

As far as I can tell, this is a real vintage ad. Probably one of the most jaw-dropping examples I’ve seen.

Imagine this is what you’re really standing on.

I prefer my tables without testicles.

Don’t miss the other title by this author on the bottom.

For “elegant women of refinement and taste.”

Just your average note-wielding mouse on a lobster.
Lobster Jockey

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Is this a medical assistance device? Unless it’s equipped with some sort of pulley mechanism to lift bodies in need, I see very little purpose for lying on something LESS comfortable, a few inches above something designed for lying on.

And now, in today’s installment of unappealing instructional material…Meet the man who can tell you how to lick pimples.


In conclusion, cats are the cure for everything.

Jellyfish Air Plants

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PetitBeast invented a brilliant houseplant display using sea urchin shells to mimic the body of a jellyfish and growing plants as tentacles.


These little sweeties hang in the air and give the illusion of floating/swimming through space. Each one is entirely unique as, with minimal care, it grows in its own fashion, delicately swirling and curling.


Some versions come in kits of 3, which I think would look extra amazing.

Would you hang this in your home? I give it two thumbs, um…eight tentacles up!



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